The Fanciest Dumpster Fire You've Never Seen!

I started making smokeless fire pits in my garage in Minnesota, using trash cans that are Made in the USA.

The Trashy Fire Pit is an alternative to more expensive stainless steel smokeless fire pits. Perfect for back yards, driveways, or RV'ing when you want to enjoy a fire, but don't want to get smoked out.

How Does It Work?

More🔥, less💨. A bit trashy 🗑🤷‍♂️.

Weatherproof Cover (Trashy Lid)
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The Secret to Starting a Smokeless Fire Pit

  • Cari R. Maple Grove, MN


    "I was skeptical but I thought for half the price (if not more) I would give it a shot. It really works. My hair and clothes don't smell like a bonfire. I highly recommend!"

  • Matt H. Chicago, IL


    "This really works beautifully. I have a small backyard in the city and my old fire pit smoked us out. The secondary burn is real!1The Trashy Fire Pit"

  • Jaci Q. Alexandria, MN


    "I got one for the cabin, and we missed it so much we bought a second one for our house!"