"Trashy" Smokeless Fire Pit

Trashy Fire Pit

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***Inventory Update! We have limited stock ready to ship immediately, but are offering a free weatherproof cover (aka trash can lid) to those who will purchase now while we catch up on production. Our goal is to ship within 2-3 weeks, but will keep you posted when we know better. Select "reserve" option at checkout and we will include a free lid with every order! ***

I’ve been wanting a fancy smokeless fire pit (like the Solo Bonfire or the Breeo X19) for a while, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $300+ for a dang fire pit, and then another $100 on accessories! But I wanted that fancy-looking double-flame smokeless secondary combustion. 

So I got a little trashy...and I made one out of a metal trash can. And it’s awesome! 


  • 🔥 Half the price of those fancy stainless steel fire pits  
  • 🔥 Still just as impressive and a great conversation piece 
  • 🔥 Has great secondary combustion (that’s why it’s smokeless)
  • 🔥 Handles are built-in (solo wants to charge you $25 to buy a handle?!) 


  • 🗑 Doesn’t overtly flaunt your wealth 
  • 🗑 I won’t ship to your house (pickup in Dayton, MN) 
  • 🗑 The galvanized metal coating will melt on your first burn (see safety information)* 


Original: 12” deep x 18” inside diameter (od about 21”) fits full-size firewood! 

Lil Trashy: 10.5" deep x 15" inside diameter (od about 19") great for wood pellets, or firewood up to 14"



*The first burn can be a bit smelly and give off black smoke while the galvanized coating is melting.