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Trashy Fire Pit

The Original Trashy Fire Pit

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I’ve been wanting a fancy stainless steel smokeless fire pit for a while, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $300+ for a dang fire pit, and then another $100 on accessories! But I wanted that fancy-looking double-flame smokeless secondary combustion; So I got a little trashy...and I made one out of a metal trash can. 

The Trashy Fire Pit is made in Minnesota, USA from a metal garbage can (also made in Minnesota!). It's similar to other portable fire pits that advertise as "smokeless" because it uses convection to mix hot air with smoke near the top of the fire ring, which creates a secondary combustion process, effectively lighting the smoke on fire before it can escape and stink up your bonfire.

You can have a great campfire experience without smelling like a campfire for the rest of your day!  

Size: 12” deep x 18” inside diameter (od about 21”) fits full-size firewood! 

Upkeep:  The shiny galvanized metal coating will melt off the inside and some of outside on your first burn.* The metal will weather over time, but you can use a cover to keep the elements out. To minimize rust, empty your ashes after every burn and store your fire pit indoors after it's cooled off.

*The first burn can be a bit smelly and give off black smoke while the galvanized coating is melting.